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Our mission-driven team has the ambitious goal to make impact on the lives of teachers, their students, and in the education sector. We all feel very connected to our mission.

A culture that connects us We all have the same values at heart. Yet we are proud of being different from each other. Our unique mix of commercial thinkers, analytical techies, and well-experienced teachers results in a great product that makes users happy. We are a scale-up with a healthy, very ambitious way of working. Every day, we strive to improve ourselves and make LessonUp the biggest success possible. We also have a lot of fun together, help each other out, and put a lot of effort in maintaining our work relationships. And of course we all just love to receive positive feedback from our users!


IMPACT EDUCATION Our team is very mission driven. Our aim is to have an impact on teachers’ lives by making their jobs easier and more fun. We want to help teachers digitalise their lessons and deal with the difficulties of remote and hybrid teaching.  We also strive to make teaching more interactive and fun for their students. We want our product to be available everywhere and anywhere in the world. Working at LessonUp means feeling this drive to make the world a little bit better, step by step.

Make Impact

VALUE #2 GO THE EXTRA MILE We are a fast growing scale-up that wants to make a difference. To do so, we need people who are very driven. Not "only" to do their job, but also to make a big impact on the company. We are passionate workers who have the craving to overachieve. We are not just thinking about what we want to do today. We are also thinking about what we need for tomorrow. 

go the extra mile

VALUE #3 MASTER YOUR CRAFT We are a team of people who are truly passionate about what they do. From providing the best service to our customers, to building the most awesome code or writing inspiring stories. At the end of the day we are all true craftsmen, dedicated to our specialties. We rely on the knowledge and talents of our people to help out the whole team. We are very proud to have a team of such bright and enthusiastic people!

Master your craft

VALUE #4 BE YOU All people in our team have very different personalities. We strive to be as diverse as possible. And even though this can be challenging, we are proud to say that we have an equal number of male and female employees (in leadership and non-leadership functions). We are starting to hire globally and are very excited about working with colleagues of different nationalities and cultures. Not only do we believe in equal chances, but we are also convinced that this will make our company and product even better than it is today. So please just “be you” and always feel safe and protected! 

VALUE #5 FUN & FUNCTION Yes, we are a talented team but we also have a lot of fun together. And of course we like our parties, and you can be assured that we know how to throw one... But even more importantly: we have fun everyday. Working together is a pleasure and we try to promote team building (online) events as much as we can, in order to promote this feeling. Even our Slack channels are always very "gezellig". Just come and find out for yourself! Keep track of the LessonUp workplace and follow us on Instagram. There we will give you a sneak preview of what life at LessonUp really is.

I want to be a part of this!

Awesome! We can't wait to meet you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team on or directly check out our job opportunities to apply.

The faces behind our success story





Jan Wolter

Head of Education


Lead Software Engineer


Head of Sales


Head of Tech


Business Developer International


Educational Specialist Musea


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Sales Manager


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Product Owner


Product Designer


Customer Success Manager


People & Culture Manager


Software Engineer


Team lead Customer Success


Business Consultant


Head of Finance


Software Engineer


Junior Sales Manager


Senior Product Designer


Certified Educator


Testing Engineer


Certified Educator

Sam Baarspul

Certified Educator

Jessie Mos

Certified Educator


Copy Writer


Software Engineer




Scrum Master


Education Specialist


Junior Sales Manager

Meet the team!

Keep track of the LessonUp workplace and follow us on Instagram.There we will give you a sneak preview of what life at LessonUp really is.